SDS Survey Feedback and Response

Updated data from the 2020-2021 Feedback Survey is coming soon!

In July 2020, Student Disability Services (SDS) sent feedback surveys to students who were registered, previously registered, and those who were in the process of registering with SDS.

The table below shows the number of survey responses received by SDS, broken down by student cohort.
Cohort Number of Respondents
Graduate and professional students 49
College students 80
Incoming students (Autumn 2020) 16
Summer 2020 students 3
Total responses 148

Thank you to each student who took the time to complete the survey. Your input provided us with valuable feedback on our supports and services.

Below is some of the information that we heard and how we have responded:

  1. Student Feedback: Information and instructions on the website are not clearly communicated. SDS response:
  2. Student Feedback: Provide clear communication about the intake process and what to expect when applying for accommodations. SDS response:
    • SDS created a webpage that provides an overview of the purpose of the intake meeting so that students can be prepared to engage in the interactive process
  3. Student Feedback: There’s a difference between College and Graduate/Professional student accommodation implementation. SDS response:
    • There are 13 academic divisions at UChicago that have different academic requirements (e.g. clinical accommodations for medical students). Each division has developed implementation procedures based on their program structure. Most accommodations are universally considered across academic divisions, such as testing accommodations, note-taking support services, document conversion services, communication access (e.g. interpreting/captioning), and access to some assistive technology software and/or hardware.
  4. Student Feedback: Enhance the SDS staff’s knowledge about specific disabilities and accessibility. SDS response:
    • The SDS staff has engaged in professional development opportunities on a range of topics including Title IX, mental health disabilities, accommodating students during the COVID-19 pandemic, and current topics in disability services. Professional development opportunities will remain available for all SDS staff.
    • SDS engaged with campus partners in training about accommodating students with disabilities in the classroom, advising, and universal design for learning.
  5. Student Feedback: Provide resources to instructors to enhance their knowledge of disabilities and the accommodation process. SDS response:
    • SDS provided guidance to Instructors on Managing Student Accommodations in Remote Learning. We also create information for instructors annually on accessible teaching strategies and implementing accommodations. For more information on faculty resources visit
  6. Student Feedback: Provide clear guidance about the policy regarding confidentiality. SDS response:
  7. Student Feedback: Increase student training on note-taking options. SDS response:
    • The SDS Note-Taking Coordinator has developed resources for students to explore a variety of note-taking options and technologies to support their note-taking needs. This information is available on the note-taking assistance webpage.
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