Purpose of the Intake Appointment

Student Disability Services is the designated office for students to self-identify as an individual with a disability and is responsible for responding to student requests for accommodations based on disability status.

In responding to requests, the SDS staff engages students in an interactive process, which includes a confidential discussion between an SDS director and the student about the impact of the disability that prompted a request for accommodations. The exact nature of this conversation will vary based on the disability and the type of accommodations requested.

Preparing for the Intake Appointment

An SDS director will contact a student to arrange an intake appointment after receiving a Request for Accommodations Form via the SDS AIM Student Portal.

The intake appointment may take place via telephone, Zoom, or in person. During the intake appointment, the director will ask for a description of the impact of the disability and will inquire about access barriers or challenges experienced as a result of the condition. Additionally, there will be a discussion regarding the requested accommodations and any history of using accommodations.  The information gathered during the intake appointment will be reviewed with the application and supporting documentation to inform the determination of eligibility for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services.

The questions listed below are examples of what may be discussed during an intake appointment.

  1. Please share what you would like me to know about your disability and its impact on your daily life.
  2. What environments create barriers/challenges for you?
  3. Have you had any previous experience using accommodations? If so, please describe what solutions/accommodations have worked in the past.
  4. Please describe how your condition impacts you during assessments/exams.
  5. What is your experience with various academic tasks (e.g., reading, notetaking, and writing papers)?
  6. Do you find that your condition impacts you in other areas of university life (e.g., classroom/lectures, campus facilities, housing, dining halls/cafes)?
  7. Are there other accommodations that you would like to explore further or have questions about?

Documentation is used to substantiate the connection between the condition and the barriers for which accommodations are being requested. Students are highly encouraged to submit documentation in advance of the intake appointment so that the SDS staff will have adequate time to review in preparation for the meeting.  However, if a student has questions about documentation, they can arrange an appointment with a director for more information. Your SDS director will share information gathered in the intake appointment with the team of directors and a collaborative decision will be made about which accommodations are approved, not approved, or approved temporarily. There may be circumstances in which SDS consults a third-party expert regarding disability requests and documentation.

Follow Up to the Intake Appointment

The SDS staff will provide a determination in writing of the student’s eligibility for accommodations, generally within two weeks of the intake meeting using the supporting information that has been submitted.

The interactive process can be an ongoing dialogue about the student’s access needs as they progress through the program. We recognize that circumstances change and/or the impact of a disability may change while at UChicago. Additional accommodations can be requested at any time.

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