Ensuring the confidentiality of a student’s disability is of paramount importance to the Student Disability Services staff.

SDS adheres to the guidance of the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), which regulates disclosure of disability documentation and records maintained by Student Disability Services. Under this federal act, prior written consent by the student is required before SDS may release disability documentation or records.

The exception to the regulation is that SDS is permitted to release information to any University official who has a “legitimate educational interest in order to fulfill a professional responsibility.” With a signed accommodation agreement form, SDS staff may discuss information about the impact of a student’s disability to ensure they are able to fully access their courses and programs. SDS takes the utmost care in safe-guarding disability status and information.

Accommodation Determination Letters and Accommodation Notification Letters are sent to Instructors at a student’s request and lists the accommodations that have been approved for the student. College students using the AIM student portal can select specific accommodations that apply to the course for which the letter will be sent. The letter does not contain disability-specific information. Students are not required or encouraged to share details of their disabilities with instructors for the purpose of securing accommodations. If a situation should arise in which a student felt pressured to share details of their condition, the student should consult with their assigned SDS director.

Finally, FERPA allows a student to inspect and review the files maintained by SDS.

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