Updates for SDS Testing Services

For testing procedures in Winter 2024, Student Disability Services is operating in two veins: SDS proctoring unique accommodations in SDS spaces and SDS sending proctors to faculty-found spaces. 

Instructors requesting SDS assistance with proctoring must submit the Alternative Testing Agreement at least 7 days in advance of an exam/quiz. Students who will be proctored by SDS must submit an exam request to schedule a proctoring appointment with SDS at least 7 days in advance of the exam/quiz. 

SDS proctoring Unique Accommodations in SDS Spaces

  • Unique Accommodations only 
      • These accommodations encompass a range of specific needs, such as:
        • Extended time above 2x (e.g., 2.25X, 2.5x, 3x)
        •  Individual exam room
        • Use of a computer as approved by SDS
        • Stop-the-clock breaks
        • Scribe assistance
        • Use of assistive technology or software applications
        • Customized physical or environmental arrangements
        • Special seating or furniture
        • Enlarged print exam formats (as listed under the Alternative Testing section of the letter)
        • Paper-based exams for disability-related reasons – Please note this is only applicable when the exam for the entire class is being administered electronically (e.g., via Canvas)
  • SDS will proctor unique accommodation in SDS space 
  • SDS coordinates all testing arrangements for students with unique accommodations
  • Faculty must submit exams to SDS by 4:00 PM on the business day before the exam 

The instructor (or departmental designee) should coordinate all other/non-unique testing accommodations unless they request that SDS send up to 2 proctors to facilitate test administration for any students with other testing accommodations (i.e., not unique accommodations) in a space that they have identified (see #2)

SDS sending proctors to Faculty-Found Spaces

  • All other accommodations that do not fall under the ‘unique accommodations” qualifications (listed above)
  • Faculty are responsible for finding space for testing 
      • Harper Library is a resource for faculty finding testing spaces, whether or not faculty are using SDS to proctor exams
        • Lincoln Reading Room
        • Stuart Reading Room
          • Write to Madison Mansour in the College at least 5 days before the scheduled exam to request a space, including the title of your course, the date and time of the exam, and the number of seats needed.
      • University Registrar is a second resource for faculty
      • Departmental administrators/coordinators can assist with identifying testing rooms that may be used for test administration
  • SDS will send 1-2 proctors to facilitate exams if faculty requests
      • Faculty must submit requests at least 7 days in advance
      • Contingent upon SDS staff availability
        • If SDS is not available to proctor, SDS will communicate with the instructor and discuss available options
  • Faculty are responsible for organizing testing materials and coordinating testing arrangements
      • Faculty are responsible for printing exams, providing additional materials (scratch paper, calculator, additional writing utensils), and communicating testing logistics to students

Guidelines for Reduced Distraction Environment:

The SDS office’s protocol for accommodating this specific accommodation is as follows: 

    • Testing spaces should be free from excessive noise and distractions that could hinder a student’s concentration during the exam.
    • Consider locating the testing space away from high-traffic areas and sources of noise.
    • Testing spaces should be near accessible restrooms, which is necessary for individuals with conditions that require frequent or prolonged restroom use.
    • Each student should have sufficient space to accommodate their testing materials, and accommodations without feeling cramped.
    • Arrange seating to allow for ease of movement and comfort.
    • It is recommended that there be one student seated per workstation/table.  
    • It is recommended that students not be placed in a room with more than 15-20 students.
    • Consider offering flexible seating arrangements to accommodate students with different preferences or sensory needs.
    • If possible, allow students to select their preferred seating arrangement.


These testing space requirements are intended to create an inclusive and supportive environment for students with disabilities during exams. By adhering to these guidelines, University of Chicago aims to promote equal access and ensure that all students can demonstrate their knowledge and abilities to the best of their potential.

General Information

  • Faculty is responsible for arranging testing accommodations unless otherwise specified
      • Faculty can request SDS proctoring for faculty-found spaces as long as they have followed the necessary procedures and SDS has the capability
  • Faculty can utilize both options listed above
      • Contingent upon staffing availability, SDS can proctor both students with unique accommodations and students with other testing accommodations
  • All students must submit exam requests in AIM

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