Updates for SDS Testing Services

For testing procedures in Spring 2024, we have implemented vital changes to streamline and enhance the SDS testing experience for both faculty and students. These updates aim to improve the efficiency, clarity, and security of the testing accommodation process for both faculty members and students alike. Please feel free to reach out to SDS at proctor@uchicago.edu if you have any questions or need further clarification. 

Here are the key updates:

1. Student Notification of Accommodations

Students will notify their instructors of their accommodations by sending their faculty notification letter at least 10 days prior to the first exam they wish to use accommodations.

2. Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA)

Faculty will complete the ATA at least 9 days prior to the first quiz/exam they request SDS proctoring support.

    1. On the ATA, faculty will list all exam dates for the quarter. The ATA can be updated throughout the quarter if exam dates are added or changed. All additions or changes should be updated at least 10 days prior to the changed exam or quiz AND an email should be sent to proctor@uchicago.edu
    2. SDS will do its best to schedule the exam at the indicated day/time of the exam for the class. To do so, SDS may require flexibility from instructors of up to 24 business hours to allow for situations when this may not be possible. Exams will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis based on when the ATA is received from instructors. Early submission increases your chances of SDS being able to accommodate your preferred exam date/time. 

3. SDS Administrative Responsibilities

Please note that for Spring 2024, SDS will be proctoring exams in SDS testing spaces for all students with testing accommodations. Upon receiving the ATA, SDS will begin making testing arrangements for the exam(s). This includes scheduling students’ exams on their behalf based on their course schedules and SDS’s availability to proctor. In the event that SDS does not have availability to proctor a student’s exam due to space or staffing constraints, or due to a student’s scheduled course conflict, SDS will reach out to the instructor to discuss available options. This may include rescheduling the student’s exam to a date/time that a proctor, testing space, and/or the student are available for testing.  

4. Exam Submission

Faculty must email their exam to proctor@uchicago.edu or upload their exam to the AIM Faculty Portal. The exam must be emailed or uploaded by 4 pm the business day before the exam is scheduled. If not, instructors or their designee must deliver the exam to the testing location at least 30 minutes before the exam begins. Instructors should note that students may be testing at a variety of locations across campus. 

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