SDS Staff

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Headshot of Charnessa Warren

Charnessa Warren


Headshot of Amber Chess

Amber Chess

Deputy Director 

Headshot of Amber DiCosola

Amber DiCosola

Associate Director

Headshot of Amber Gumm

Sandra M. Fernandez, Jr.

Associate Director

Headshot of Sandra Fernandez

Assistant Director

Headshot of Taylor Allnutt

Taylor Allnutt

Assistant Director

Headshot of Carol Young-Walker

Carol Young-Walker

Access Administrator

University of Chicago Shield

Senior Access Coordinator, Testing Services

Headshot of Morgan Severeid

Morgan Severeid

Access Coordinator for Document Conversion Services

Headshot of Beth Moy

Beth Moy

Access Coordinator for Notetaking and Communication Access Services

University of Chicago Shield


Maggie Madro

Testing Coordinator

University of Chicago Shield

Kitty Clark

Coordinator of Disability Training Programs and Communications

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