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Accommodations for Standardized Exams

Current and former University of Chicago students registered with Student Disability Services (SDS) may choose to apply for accommodations for standardized graduate entrance exams or licensing exams. These exams include the GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and USMLE.

Because each of these exams require a separate accommodations application process, students are encouraged to review the application requirements and submit the required documentation directly to the specific testing agency. Testing agencies may take up to six weeks to review requests for accommodations, so students must plan to submit requests well in advance of the desired test date.

Students seeking accommodations for standardized exams will be required to submit verification of the accommodations SDS approved as a part of the accommodations application process. Typically, the application includes a verification form that the SDS Office must complete. SDS can verify student accommodations for up to seven years post-graduation or a leave from the University of Chicago. After seven years, your student records may no longer be available and SDS would not be able to accommodate verification requests.

Please review the recommended steps if you would like SDS to provide verification of accommodations:

  1. Review the accommodations application requirements for the exam you will be completing. This information is available online. Your academic advisor may also be familiar with this process and may be a helpful resource.
  2. Submit requests for accommodation verification (i.e. testing agency forms or verification letters) to SDS by email to
  3. Please include a copy of the required accommodation verification forms, if applicable. Complete the sections relevant to you as the applicant and leave the accommodation sections blank.
  4. SDS will complete and return requests for accommodation verification via email, typically within two business days.

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