Using Academic Accommodations

Using Approved Academic Accommodations

College Students Currently Registered with SDS

  1. Within the first two weeks of each quarter, you must log in to the AIM Student Portal and request Faculty Notification Letters for the courses. This request prompts an email to your instructor stating the accommodations that you requested for the course.
  2. After sending the Faculty Notification Letter, promptly contact your instructor to discuss your access needs in the course. This discussion must include how testing accommodations will be administered in the course. For additional information, please review our Exam Accommodations page or these helpful hints.

Students and instructors with concerns regarding the implementation of accommodations in relation to the course structure, design, and core requirements should contact SDS as soon as possible.

Graduate Students Currently Registered with SDS

  1. Follow the specific instructions provided by the disability liaison for using academic accommodations within your division. Consult with SDS and the disability liaison on any questions or concerns about the accommodation process.
  2. SDS provides document conversion and communication access (interpreting and CART services). Please follow the SDS-established procedures to request and implement these services.
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