Communication Access

The University of Chicago has a variety of services and assistive technology available for deaf or hard of hearing students. Services or technology will be determined after a review of disability documentation, and your input about the impact of your disability in the classroom and other settings (i.e. housing, extracurricular activities) and ways that you have effectively used communication access services.

FM Systems

Audio Visual Services (AVS) has FM systems available for use in classroom and/or other University-sponsored activities. After registering with SDS and being approved for an FM system, SDS will work with you to find an appropriate system (i.e. compatible with your particular listening device and needs). FM systems are also available at many large lecture venues and can be used when attending a class or event in those rooms. Please contact AVS at 773.834.4499 or if you find that an FM system is not working in a University classroom.

Interpreter and Captioning Services

SDS will arrange communication access services for classes, related academic requirements, and out-of-class activities sponsored by the University for any registered UChicago student.  Students participating in non-University sponsored events and conferences may submit a request for services in order to participate, and the request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Currently available options are:

  • Sign language and oral interpreters
  • Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART): in-person, remotely, or via a computer

If approved for either interpreting or captioning services, SDS staff will review with you the process for requesting these services for both ongoing courses and one-time events, as well as the procedures and responsibilities related to using these services throughout your time at UChicago.

Some students use interpreting exclusively, others captioning, and some a combination of both, depending on the setting.  The Communication Access Coordinator works closely with students to tailor services to their own individual communication needs and preferences. UChicago works with a list of ASL–English Interpreters from the Chicago community to meet the interpreting needs of students.

While last-minute requests can sometimes be accommodated, placing requests for ongoing classes, labs, seminars, workshops, and lectures as soon as basic information is available and well before the start of each quarter will help ensure consistent and successful coverage.  

Non-Student Requests for Interpreter and Captioning Services

Strobe Alarms and Door Alerts

Devices such as strobe alarms and door alerts can be installed as needed. Installation of these devices will take coordination with several offices and should be submitted well in advance of the need.

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