Requesting Additional Accommodations

Students that have been previously approved for SDS accommodations may submit a request for additional accommodations via the AIM Student Portal using the Additional Accommodations Request Form. Along with completing the Additional Accommodation Request Form, students will need to meet with a Student Disability Services (SDS) staff member and submit appropriate documentation (if applicable).

The steps for completing this process are detailed below:

  1. To submit the Additional Accommodations Request Form, students should log into their AIM Student Portal account and select “Additional Accommodations Request Form” located on the left side of the page.
  2. An SDS staff member will confirm the receipt of the request form by email and an intake appointment will follow.
  3. The assigned SDS staff member will provide instructions for scheduling an appointment to discuss the request.
  4. Students may request that SDS review documentation that was previously submitted for a former review as supporting documentation for the requested additional accommodation(s). If the documentation that was previously submitted does not provide information regarding the functional limitations of the condition and how the functional limitations necessitate the requested accommodations, students are requested to submit updated supporting documentation that aligns with the SDS Documentation Guidelines.
  5. Following the completion of these steps, the request for additional accommodations is submitted for review by the SDS Director committee.

The Importance of Advance Notice

Reviewing documentation and scheduling intake appointments can take approximately one to two weeks at the beginning of the quarter, depending on the volume of requests. Some accommodations, such as testing, accessible formats, and providing interpreters, can take several weeks to coordinate and schedule. To ensure that disability supports and services can be implemented in a timely manner, advance notice is necessary.

Although SDS receives and processes requests throughout the quarter, it is important to note that any requests received within the last two weeks of a quarter will be reviewed for eligibility for the following quarter, as late accommodation requests are not able to be reviewed, coordinated, and implemented prior to the close of the quarter.

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