Requesting Alternative Format Texts From the Library

You can search for and request books at the library using the University of Chicago Library Catalog. Please note that whenever you are requesting a scan/alternative format conversion of a book that you do not own from the library, you may not keep the alternative format text long term. Please delete the file when you are done using it, just as you would return the book to the library.

Books that are not available (checked out, missing, etc.) may still be requested using interlibrary library loan but there may be delays and/or limitations to what is available. Content published electronically is more likely to be available than scans of physical materials.

How to Request Books

Use the manual request form in the AIM Student Portal by selecting the class the book is needed for in the drop-down menu and entering information about the book. The title is the only required field, but please include other information such as author and the ISBN if you know it. You can include a link to the library record in the note field. If you are requesting books for research purposes not associated with a specific class, email us and we will add you to a Library Research “class” for these requests. See Using Alternative Format Texts for more information about how to request books using AIM.

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