Alternative Format Text (AFT) Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Student Disability Services (SDS) Responsibilities

  1. SDS will determine eligibility for the accommodation of alternate formats of copyrighted materials.
  2. SDS will provide the requested alternative-format material when it is available, either by requesting the material from an outside source, or by converting a scan of a physical copy provided by the student. Please note that when making a scan from a student copy, the binding of the book must be cut and the book cannot be resold. If you would like to keep an un-cut copy, SDS can purchase a second copy to be scanned or pay to rebind your copy.
  3. SDS will keep track of the status of all requests. Requests will be processed in the order that they are received, with priority given to readings needed for earlier due dates. SDS will make every attempt to deliver all requests by their due date; however, requests made at the last minute may not be finished on time.
  4. Please note that SDS does not reproduce material that is available for purchase in an alternate format that meets the student’s needs.
  5. SDS will upload completed alternative-format materials to a folder that the student has access to in UChicago Box and provide a download link to the title through AIM.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students will purchase the alternate-format version from the publisher or other re-sale entity if one is available in an alternate format that can be used.
  2. Students will purchase a print copy in accordance with copyright laws of the book/books/materials requested. Students must supply proof of purchase when asked. (Exception: Books on course reserves can be requested as AFT from the library and do not need to be purchased, though the student should delete the file at the end of the quarter.)
  3. Students are encouraged to request course texts as far in advance as possible so SDS can provide an accessible copy in a timely fashion.
  4. Students must affirm that the book(s) in AFT will be used by them and is required or suggested reading for successful completion of a course in which they are registered.
  5. Students must affirm that course materials in AFT will be solely for their own educational purposes.
  6. Students must inform SDS immediately if there are any problems with the AFT provided.
  7. Students cannot copy, duplicate, or distribute the book in AFT for use by others, for monetary gain or any other purpose, in compliance with the Copyright Revision Act of 1976, as amended (17 U.S.C SEC 101 et. Seq.). Violations may also constitute a violation of federal and/or state laws.
  8. Students who plan to retain the original course reading materials do not need to delete the AFT. Alternatively, course reading materials generated from an AFT book on course reserves must be deleted.
  9. Failure to pick up or access AFT by the end of the quarter may result in a discussion with SDS staff of the necessity of this accommodation.
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