Requesting Alternative Formats in AIM: Student User Guide

This guide walks through how to request alternative formats once you have been approved for alternative format accommodations.
If you have any questions or need assistance with submitting alternative format requests, please contact Student Disability Services at or at 773-702-6000.

NOTE: If you have not submitted your accommodations agreement form, you will not be able to
use accommodations through AIM. Please make sure you have done this before attempting to
request accommodations.
To request alternative formats, first you need to request alternative format accommodations for each of your courses for which you want to use this accommodation. Your instructor will be notified of your accommodations, and then you can submit alternative format requests using the Alternative Format module in AIM.
Requests are fulfilled by SDS in the order they are received, so remember to submit your alternative format requests as soon as possible. Students receive an email notification when their request has been completed and is available to download through AIM.
Due to copyright laws, SDS requires students to provide proof of purchase for books they request in alternative formats. The only exception to this is if the book is available through the UChicago Library, or is open-source, or if the instructor has provided the book to the class.

Requesting Alternative Format Accommodations

  1. Log in to the AIM Student Portal. There is a shortcut on the SDS website (
  2. On the “Overview” page, check the boxes next to the classes for which you are requesting accommodations.
  3. Click “Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”.
  4. Under “Select Accommodations,” check the box next to “Alternative Formats.” Click “Submit Your Accommodation Requests”.
  5. Once you submit your accommodations requests for alternative formats, you will be able to submit alternative format requests through the Alternative Formats module.

Selecting Your Preferred Alternative Format

  1. On the Alternative Format page, you can indicate your preferred format for alternative texts by selecting an option from the dropdown list next to “Update Preference.”
  2. After you select a format, click “Update Alternative Formats Preference” to save your selection.

Submitting Alternative Format Requests in AIM

  1. In the menu on the left side of the screen, click on “Alternative Formats” listed under “My Accommodations”.
  2. All of the textbooks are listed for the classes for which you requested alternative format accommodations. Click “Select” next to each textbook for which you are requesting an alternative format.
    NOTE: If “EBK” is listed in the textbook title, then you DO NOT need to request this text. Instead, you should purchase the eBook version available from the Bookstore.
    NOTE: If a textbook you need is not listed here, then you will need to submit a custom request. (Instructions below.)

Submitting Custom Alternative Format Requests in AIM

  1. In the menu on the left side of the screen, click on “Alternative Formats” listed under “My Accommodations”.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says “Additional Book or Reading Materials for (Current/Upcoming Quarter)”.
  3. Select the class that the request is for. All alternative format requests must be linked to a course. If you need to request alternative formats for thesis or dissertation research, you may select the class option “Non Class Related Materials.”
  4. Enter as much of the book information as you can. This will help SDS find the correct edition for you.
    1. If you know that the book is available through the UChicago Library, please include the catalog link in the Notes section.
    2. If you only need specific page ranges, or if you need an alternative text by a specific date, please indicate this in the Notes section.
  5. Click “Submit Request”

Uploading Receipts

NOTE: You do not need to have purchased a book to submit an alternative format request for it. However, we may not be able to fulfill your request until a receipt is uploaded.

  1. On the Alternative Formats Page, under “Upload Book Receipt,” upload files showing proof of purchase for each of the books you requested. You may upload scans of physical receipts or copies of emailed receipts. Your proof of purchase should include the title of the book and the amount paid.
  2. Select the course that the receipt is for, then click “Upload Receipt.”

Accessing Requested Alternative Formats

  1. Once your request has been fulfilled, you will receive an email with a download link to access your book. A “Download Book” button will also appear next to the book request on the Alternative Formats page. (The status will also say “Completed.”)
  2. Click the “Download Book” button. This will direct you to a Box folder which contains the alternative format files requested.
  3. Download the files to your computer to open and read with your preferred computer program.
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