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Summer Quarter 2021 Newsletter

Students may be enrolled in remote learning and/or in-person classes during the Summer Quarter. We want to ensure that you are afforded full participation and equal access to remote and in-person learning.

Welcome New Students

Student Disability Services (SDS) would like to welcome all incoming students to UChicago! We look forward to working with you during your time at the University.   

Contacting SDS

The SDS office is open and available to answer your questions about accommodations and access issues for the Summer Quarter. Email questions to disabilities@uchicago.edu or call 773-702-6000.

You may also use the links below to set up an appointment with an SDS director:

Notetaking and Document Conversion Services

Our Notetaking and Document Conversion Coordinators are available during Summer Quarter to speak with students about notetaking apps, strategies for better notetaking, and the use of text-to-speech technology. For more information, please contact disabilities@uchicago.edu.

Using Accommodations during Summer Quarter 2021

Instructors will utilize a variety of strategies and software in their courses during the Summer Quarter. Some technology, such as Slack and Panopto, may be new to you. Staff across the University put together a wealth of resources about online learning, available here: https://courses.uchicago.edu/resources/.

Please contact SDS immediately if you have a concern about access or how an accommodation will be implemented in your courses. SDS will work with you and your instructors to identify a solution. 

Requesting Academic Accommodations

Graduate/Professional Students

Accommodation implementation varies by academic division. Please consult with the Disability Liaison within your graduate/professional division, and follow the procedures to make arrangements for accommodations during Summer Quarter. Contact information for your graduate and professional disability liaisons is available on the SDS website.

College Students

Remember to request accommodation letters for the Summer Quarter. Many accommodations must be scheduled through the online AIM Student Portal.

The procedures for notifying your instructors of your approved accommodations, using exam accommodations, and alternative format conversion requests are all outlined on our website. Please review these procedures carefully and contact SDS immediately if you have any questions. 

Important AIM Reminders (College Students Only)

  • Accommodation Determination Letters may be sent electronically to instructors starting on the first day of classes through the AIM Student Portal.
  • Accommodation Determination Letters should be sent to instructors no fewer than seven days in advance of an exam or the need to use an accommodation.

We hope you have a successful quarter!

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