Requesting Accommodations for a Physical Disability

Physical Disabilities

Process for Requesting Accommodations

For students who have been diagnosed with a physical disability and wish to request academic accommodations based on the disability: To begin a review of your eligibility for accommodations, you will need to submit a request for accommodations using the AIM Student Portal. To create a new account using your CNetID and password use this link:

Incoming students who do not yet have a CNetID and password should use this link instead:

Once you log in, you need to complete the request form with information about your disability and the accommodations that you are requesting. You will also need to submit documentation to support your request by uploading the following:


  • Provider Report completed by your health care provider (Required)
  • Copy of correspondence from the College Board/ACT/GRE, if accommodations were approved for standardized entrance exams (optional).
  • Copy of your accommodation records from a previous institution such as a high school IEP or 504 Plan, or a University accommodation letter, if applicable (optional - this information is not required in order to determine your eligibility).  

Next Steps

All documentation should be uploaded to the AIM Student Portal or sent via email, fax or postal services to Student Disability Services (SDS). A director or associate director will also meet with you, either in person or over the phone, after which an eligibility review will be conducted in consultation with medical/clinical experts. Student Disability Services will consider the requested accommodation(s) within the context of the University's academic program to determine what may be reasonable in each case. If necessary, SDS will consult with the Dean of Students and other pertinent faculty and staff to determine the essential requirements of a particular course.

Note: Student Disability Services and the Dean of Students are responsible for implementing accommodations in the College. In the graduate programs, the Dean of Students is responsible for their implementation.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Students who may require some degree of assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation are strongly encouraged to complete the following questionnaire: