Instructor's NameMelissa Van Wyk
Instructor's e-mail
Course Registration Number (CRN)22197
Specify the length of time that the agreement will be in effect:current quarter

Section A: Excused Absences/Make-up Participation Points

Using the Attendance and Flexibility Consideration Rubric, I have determined that:a student with a disability may miss class for disability-related reasons beyond the number of allowed absences on the syllabus. Additional information is required.
The maximum number of excused absences without penalty permitted:3
Additional details or exceptions to allotment: Student may participate remotely as needed without prior notice or make up absences during office hours (to be completed within the same week).
Plan for make-up participation points, if applicable (e.g. .submit additional blog posts on Canvas):Student will meet briefly with me during office hours (or other scheduled time) to make up for written weekly assignment.
Please explain why absences beyond the number allowed in the syllabus is not a reasonable accommodation.

Section B: Deadline Extensions for Assignments

Important Notice to Students: The consequences outlined for the class for missing the deadline applies to the adjusted deadlines for the student using this accommodation.
Using the Deadline Extensions Consideration Rubric, I have determined that:students with a disability may have deadline extensions. Additional information is required.
Applicable assignments (check all that apply):homework assignments
List any assignments that are not approved for deadline extensionsFinal paper

Please specify the expectations for deadline extensions.

Assignment Type(s)Weekly reading response
Timeframe for deadline extension (select one):The assignment(s) will be due within a certain number of business days of the original due date. Additional information is required.
Specify the number of business days: 5 (must be completed in alternative format by Friday of the same week)
Specify the revised due date:
If applicable, please detail the notification plan for requesting assignment extensions.Notification not required for weekly response delays (to be completed during office hours or other meeting later in the week). Notification of absences from class are appreciated but not required in advance, but student is asked to follow up with me after absence in office hours if unable to participate remotely instead.
Please explain why deadline extensions beyond the number allowed in the syllabus is not a reasonable accommodation.

Section C: Make-up Quizzes/Exams

I have determined that administering a make-up quiz/exam is:not applicable in the course.
Timeframe for Make-Up Quizzes/Exams (select one):
Specify the number of business days:
Specify the date:
Proctoring of the make-up quizzes/exams (select one):
Student responsibilities when using these accommodations:

  1. To use these accommodations for disability-related reasons only and to maintain prompt and regular communication with the instructor.

  2. To contact the instructor and SDS if unable to meet the terms of this agreement.

  3. To be responsible for meeting the policies in the course syllabus and the essential requirements of the course, as is required by all other students enrolled in the course.

  4. This agreement becomes effective when sent to the student by SDS. The terms of this agreement are not retroactive to previous course requirements.

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