Instructor's NameJonny Bunning
Instructor's e-mail
Course Registration Number (CRN)16100
Specify the length of time that the agreement will be in effect:current academic year

Section A: Excused Absences/Make-up Participation Points

Using the Attendance and Flexibility Consideration Rubric, I have determined that:absences beyond the number allowed in the syllabus is not a reasonable accommodation. Additional information is required.
The maximum number of excused absences without penalty permitted:
Additional details or exceptions to allotment:
Plan for make-up participation points, if applicable (e.g. .submit additional blog posts on Canvas):
Please explain why absences beyond the number allowed in the syllabus is not a reasonable accommodation.Flexibility for necessary absences is already built into the syllabus; class discussion is an important dimension to this class so keeping absences to a minimum is desirable.

Section B: Deadline Extensions for Assignments

Important Notice to Students: The consequences outlined for the class for missing the deadline applies to the adjusted deadlines for the student using this accommodation.
Using the Deadline Extensions Consideration Rubric, I have determined that:deadline extensions is not a reasonable accommodations. Additional information is required.
Applicable assignments (check all that apply):
List any assignments that are not approved for deadline extensions
If applicable, please detail the notification plan for requesting assignment extensions.
Please explain why deadline extensions beyond the number allowed in the syllabus is not a reasonable accommodation.Students may choose two passes from response papers of their choice per quarter for any reason. Response papers are a key method of engaging with texts while developing skills of writing an argument, and they are due at the latest possible point before the relevant discussion. Completing responses later than this will hinder comprehension and participation. Response deadlines are advertised well in advance and as such there should be no serious time problems.

The deadline for the final paper is set at the latest possible point to allow me to read papers and submit grades by the university mandated deadline. Hence extensions here are unfeasible. Students have the deadline from the first day of class and may start to work on (and receive feedback on) the paper at any time during the quarter.

Section C: Make-up Quizzes/Exams

I have determined that administering a make-up quiz/exam is:not applicable in the course.
Timeframe for Make-Up Quizzes/Exams (select one):
Specify the number of business days:
Specify the date:
Proctoring of the make-up quizzes/exams (select one):
Student responsibilities when using these accommodations:

  1. To use these accommodations for disability-related reasons only and to maintain prompt and regular communication with the instructor.

  2. To contact the instructor and SDS if unable to meet the terms of this agreement.

  3. To be responsible for meeting the policies in the course syllabus and the essential requirements of the course, as is required by all other students enrolled in the course.

  4. This agreement becomes effective when sent to the student by SDS. The terms of this agreement are not retroactive to previous course requirements.

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