Accessing Disability Services During Summer Quarter 2021

UChicago Student Disability Services (SDS) welcomes students back for the Summer Quarter. In order to protect our community’s health and safety, the SDS staff are available by telephone, via Zoom and/or for limited scheduled in-person appointments.

We are here for you: You can contact us in the following ways:

How to Request COVID-19 Assistance

Students should contact their Dean of Students office for academic assistance if they:

  • have tested positive for COVID-19 (UChicago Student Wellness will provide medical verification for students who are under their care);
  • are required to quarantine due to exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19;
  • are at higher risk due to underlying health conditions, pregnancy, or age; or
  • live with someone who is at higher risk due to underlying health conditions, pregnancy, or age, or who has contracted COVID-19.

SDS will assist students who need longer-term accommodations if they have:

  • underlying chronic health conditions;
  • are experiencing on-going symptoms at least three weeks after infection; or
  • secondary medical issues as a result of COVID-19.

To register and request disability services and accommodations follow the steps outlined on the Registering with SDS page. Your treating healthcare professional may use the Medical Conditions Verification Form (Word, 79 KB) to provide further information about your condition.

If you are currently registered with SDS and are requesting additional accommodations, please submit an Additional Accommodation Request Form. SDS will work with you to provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations expediently.

Learn more about using your approved accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will extended time for exams be provided when they are online?

The procedure for requesting exam accommodations is outlined on the Using Exam Accommodations page. If you are approved for exam accommodations, your instructors will extend the time you have to take an exam in Canvas or the exam proctoring software program. When taking an exam with accommodations in Canvas, it is not necessary to submit a SDS Exam Proctor Request Form via the AIM student portal.

Am I able to request a peer note-taker for a remote course?

Yes, students approved for a peer note-taker may submit a request for this service via the AIM Student Portal.

How will I use my accommodation to have access to food and/or drink in the classroom?

All students are required to wear a face covering during in-person classes, so you will need to leave the classroom in order to eat or drink. You may remove your face covering when alone in a private room or office with the door shut, or while eating indoors in designated dining areas with at least 8 feet of social distance. If you will need an accommodation to take a break to leave the classroom, please contact us.

How do I request alternative formats for library materials?

Alternative format services are available during remote learning. Learn more about requesting alternative format texts from the library.

How do I request captioning or sign language interpreting?
  • If your event is public-facing and you have received a request for accommodations, it is your responsibility to arrange those services. If you would like to receive a partial list of vendors previously used by the University, please contact us.
  • If your event is for University students, faculty or staff, you may enter your request through our custom request portal.
  • For additional information, please email us at

Where can I find additional resources?

  • UChicago GoForward: Includes the latest information on the resumption of programs and operations on campus.
  • Dial-a-Ride: A pre-arranged point-to-point shuttle service provided by Transportation Services.
  • Learning Remotely: Resources, information, and tips on learning remotely.
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