SDS is sharing the following event that has been created by a group of students.

In 2021, three University of Chicago students lost their lives due to gun violence in Hyde Park and environs. Feelings of shock, grief, terror, as well as anger and helplessness rippled through our community. Some time has passed and now the University community comes together to support each other, to contemplate our losses and we hope to emerge into a different emotional space to go forward together. Here is a preview of a memorial event that we are dedicating to the families and friends of the three young men as well as to our community. We chose photos of our community and of the places where the victims lived and studied before coming to Chicago. We chose music to permeate the program as we wish each individual to process their experiences in their own way. The music was provided by UChicago alumna and violist Clara Takarabe and accompanied by synthesist H. Anton Riehl. Guest performers include vocalist Kevin Qin and violinist Bailey Yu.

We Will Remember-UChicago Memorial

Please reach out if you need mental health support. Counselors at UChicago Student Wellness are available at 773-702-3625, and students may visit the Student Wellness website to learn more about services and for information on how to schedule a counseling appointment. Assistance for faculty and staff is available through Perspectives at 800-456-6327.

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