Student Disability Services is sharing the following study that is seeking participation from students with physical disabilities.

Study Description

We are students at the University of Chicago doing a study about campus accessibility for students with physical disabilities for CMSC 20370. Our collected research will be used to understand and synthesize the most prevalent and common accessibility concerns for these students. Our research will be conducted through online surveys and, if convenient or preferred by participants, individual interviews over Zoom. Eligibility of participants will be screened on the basis of their college enrollment status or employment. Our research is focused on accessibility, therefore, we will be presenting information regarding the state of campus accessibility that may be upsetting. Participants are encouraged to refrain from answering any questions they deem too uncomfortable to answer. Participation should take about five to twenty minutes. Those participating in an individual interview should expect a longer time commitment. Your participation is voluntary.

Contacts and Questions

If you have questions or concerns about the study, you can contact the researchers Benjamin Townsend (, Shanyu Hou (, Max Ross (, Juliet Goswami (, Naren Kasinath ( If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in this research, feel you have been harmed, or wish to discuss other study-related concerns with someone who is not part of the research team, you can contact the University of Chicago Social & Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office by phone at (773) 702-2915, or by email at

Survey and Consent Form

Link to Survey and Consent Form

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