The Linguistics Department is looking for two ASL Language Assistants and one ASL Course Assistant, with a particular interest in any candidates who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, CODA (children of deaf adults), or have deaf family members or are otherwise near-native ASL users.

Resumes should be sent to Professor David Reinhart at He will schedule a 10-minute interview (via Zoom or in person). CAs will be asked to do online grading, to hold ASL Practice Conversations with students (either via Zoom or in-person interactions), and to host ASL film events. Their workload should be about 10 hours per week.

“Language Assistants” should work about 6 hours a week and their work does not include grading or teaching. They attend class and interact with students, host event, ASL coffee hours, etc. “Course Assistants” should work about 10 hours a week and their work can include grading and some teaching.  Relevant information is available at

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