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From the very first days of our company, Microsoft has sought to enable individuals and organizations around the world to do great things.

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Having a diverse workforce that includes people with disabilities is paramount to this mission. We host Ability Hiring events, inclusive interviews, train and educate our teams on disability etiquette, and provide interview accommodations to increase the diversity of our teams, positively impact the culture of our workplace and the way we develop our products.

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University – Autism and Ability Hiring Events

To be considered a university candidate you need to be currently enrolled in school or have completed a degree within the last 12 months.

Autism Hiring Event 

The goal of the Autism Hiring Program is to build an inclusive hiring approach that recognizes and embraces the strengths of autistic candidates. Autism is a neurological variation diagnosed based on observation by a diagnostician or team of diagnosticians, such as neuropsychologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or licensed clinical social workers. We are currently recruiting for university software engineer.

 Autism Hiring Event – Full-Time Software Engineer

Autism Hiring Event – Software Engineer Intern

Ability Hiring Event 

The goal of the Ability Hiring Event is to build an inclusive hiring approach that recognizes and embraces the strengths of candidates with all disabilities. The World Health Organization defines disability to arise from the interaction between a person’s health condition or impairment and the multitude of influencing factors in their environment. Health conditions associated with disability can be but are not limited to: those that are visible or invisible; temporary or long term; static, episodic, or degenerating; painful or inconsequential. If you identify as a person with a disability, you are encouraged to apply for this program. We are currently recruiting for University Software engineers and Program managers.

Ability Hiring Event – Full-Time Software Engineer

Ability Hiring Event – Software Engineer Intern

Ability Hiring Event – Full-Time Program Manager

Ability Hiring Event – Program Manager Intern

University Featured Roles:

This is not part of our inclusive hiring events. Request accommodations prior to interviewing.

Data Science 

Data Scientists at Microsoft help to improve the quality of experiences on our devices and services. We are looking for highly motivated and passionate Data Scientists to apply rigorous scientific methodology and algorithms to data in order to improve Microsoft’s devices, operating systems, and services. As a Data Scientist, you will provide unique insight into business and customer scenarios that cut across organizational boundaries and lead the growth of a data-driven culture within Microsoft.

Data Science – Full Time Positions

Data Science – Internship Positions

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