Fall 2020 National Scholarship Competition for College Students with Disabilities

disABLEDperson, Inc announce our Fall 2020 National Scholarship Competition for College Students with Disabilities! This competition began on August 17, 2020, and ends on October 14, 2020, for the award of $2000.00 (two thousand dollars)! If you are a college student with a disability or know one, please come and apply?

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Some Accommodating Sit Down Jobs for People with Disabilities who Need Them!

According to the CDC, one in four Americans live with some kind of disability. As you no doubt know, disability can take many different forms.

Employers can be asked to accommodate you, but you’ll want to look for a job that fits with your unique needs and skills. For many individuals, sit down jobs are great opportunities.

Of course, some sit down jobs are more accommodating than others. If you want flexibility in a position that will showcase your talents, take a look at these great options.

Seven Friendly Work Environments for People with Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be a frustrating condition, especially when the person managing it is working through school or trying to find a career. Depending on their interests, certain jobs might seem inaccessible.

While we believe that anyone can work any job that they set their minds to, if you suffer from dyslexia, you might be looking for good careers for dyslexics specifically. It’s reasonable to not want to make your life any harder than it has to be.

9 Jobs for Autistic Adults

Thankfully, public awareness of the wide spectrum of abilities of those with autism has gone up in recent years.

Gone are the days when autism was a scary word. People now realize that while some with autism have limited ability to work, many on the spectrum can perform any job they wish and excel.

So, what are some of the best jobs for autistic adults? Keep reading to find out.

This is What Not to put on a Resume

Writing a resume can be hard. You only have a limited amount of space to catch a potential employer’s attention. How do you know what to include (and what not to include)?

When you’re considering what to put on your resume, you also need to think about what not to put on a resume; it’s easy to make rookie mistakes.

We’re here to help you out while you’re on your employment journey. You don’t have to do it alone.

Keep reaching to learn about what should not be included in a resume when you’re applying for your dream jobs.

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