4PM – 5:30PM, ROSENWALD 329

Margaret Price, Associate Professor and Director of Disability Studies Program in the English department at The Ohio State University, is author of Mad at School:  Rhetorics  of  Mental  Disability  and Academic Life (University of Michigan Press). Price is currently working on a mixed-methods investigation, the Disabled Faculty Study and a book titled Crip Spacetime, which proposes a new way of thinking about access in higher education.

TALK: Precarity in Disability Studies and Academic Life (4 – 5:30pm, Rosenwald 329)
Disability studies (DS) has reached a point that Margaret Price calls a “crisis of precarity” – a state in which neoliberal logics of wealth, privilege, and power are replicated within DS, doing material violence to some members of the discipline, while the discipline itself continues to flourish. Price outlines the ways DS has reached this crisis of precarity, and in response, offers a different way of thinking about disability, one that shifts emphasis from the individual bodies of disabled people to the state of the field and the mechanisms of higher education itself. To illustrate this theory, she presents findings from the ongoing Disabled Faculty Study, which includes a survey and interviews with disabled faculty from across the U.S. and other countries.

Snacks and real time captioning provided.
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Sponsored by University of Chicago Student Disability Services, Disability Studies Study Group, Chicago Center for Teaching, a Provost’s Office Inclusive Pedagogy Grant, and UIC Disability Cultural Center.

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