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It is important that faculty include in each syllabus a statement asking students to provide them with their Accommodation Determination Letter (ADL) to ensure that those needs are met in a timely manner. A further recommendation is that the statement be read aloud by the faculty member during the first week of class. This approach demonstrates to students that their instructor is sensitive to and concerned about meeting the needs of all students. Furthermore, the syllabus statement affords students the opportunity to make their accommodation needs known to faculty early in the quarter.

Sample Syllabus Statement

“If you require any accommodations for this course, please provide your instructor with a copy of your Accommodation Determination Letter (provided to you by the Student Disability Services office) so that you may discuss with them how your accommodations may be implemented in this course as soon as possible. The University of Chicago is committed to ensuring the full participation of all students in its programs. If you have a documented disability (or think you may have a disability) and, as a result, need a reasonable accommodation to participate in class, complete course requirements, or benefit from the University's programs or services, you are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services as soon as possible. To receive reasonable accommodation, you must obtain an accommodation letter from Student Disability Services. Please contact the office at 773-702-6000/TTY 773-795-1186 or, or visit the website at  Student Disability Services is located at 5501 S. Ellis Avenue.”