Requesting Note-taking Accommodations

Note-taking Accommodations Requests

(For use by approved College students only)

Approved graduate students should contact their Dean of Students, as noted in the Accommodation Determination Letter

All requests for note-taking assistance are now handled through the AIM Student Portal. You can sign in using your CNetID and password here:

In order to request a peer note-taker, you must first request the accommodations for a given course. To do so:

1.    Click on “List Accommodations” on the left-hand side of the screen. You will see a list of the courses for which you are currently registered (i.e. CHEM 11100.01, BIOS 22000.01, etc.). This list will also contain your discussion sections and lab sections, where applicable. 

2.    Select any of your courses for which you would like to request accommodations. 

3.    Click “Step 2-Continue to Customize your Accommodations”

4.    You will see a list of the courses for which you would like to request accommodations. Below each course, you will see options of accommodations that you can request to use for each course. 

5.    Select any of the accommodations that you would like to request for each course.

6.    Click “Submit Your Accommodations Requests”.

More detailed instructions for requesting accommodations through the AIM Student Portal are availble here

If you encounter any problems requesting a note-taker for your courses, please contact

If you are new to SDS, please go to the AIM Student Portal login page and submit an application using the link under “New Student” on the right. (Incoming students who do not yet have a CNetID and password should use this link instead.)

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